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Auto Expo Smart Gates 2D Code Scanners ,Sweep Barcode Check

With the development of 2D code technology and the popularity of smart phones, “sweep check ticket” to facilitate the large-scale exhibition ticketing test. Recently, a car Expo will be used smart gates “Sweep Code Check”, to provide visitors with convenient services.

In the ticket gate, the reporter found that the audience only in the intelligent gates of the scanning window, brush paper tickets two-dimensional code or mobile phone electronic two-dimensional code, can be successfully verified through the gate. It is understood that the current Auto Expo, the use of intelligent gates inside embedded two-dimensional code scanner, automatic bar code recognition and integration of electronic ticketing technology to achieve the audience self-help “sweep the code check”!

Ticket, the audience through the mobile phone or computer users to buy tickets online activities, booking is successful, the system will send two-dimensional code e-ticket to the phone; ticket, the audience as long as the gate ticket on the smart machine’s two-dimensional code On the scanner. Validation can be successful gates, saving time.

Auto Expo will make full use of electronic ticketing technology to provide online ticket booking and two-dimensional code scanner “sweep admission” service. The perfect combination of exhibition activities and e-ticketing is a new breakthrough in the ticket sales. Compared with the traditional large-scale exhibition ticketing inspection system, the electronic tickets, not only to speed up the speed of admission tickets, but also to replace paper tickets, more environmentally friendly.

Shenzhen Rakinda is an automatic identification technology as the core of the Internet of Things business, committed to providing customers with self-identification technology products and industry application solutions. For large-scale exhibition venues of the two-dimensional code electronic ticket application, Shenzhen Rakinda special launch a self-service ticket terminal dedicated, LV4500 embedded two-dimensional code scanning module for domestic and foreign self-service ticket terminal manufacturers to provide confidence in the two-dimensional code scanner.




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