Smart gates by 2D code scanning module incorporates Ticket recognition technology

In the pervasive influence of the mobile Internet, the development trend of more and more international access gates, intelligent, high-end science and technology, the integration of “mobile ticket two-dimensional code recognition technology” smart gates is to become the many resorts, cinemas, swimming hall, gymnasium, entertainment ticket special tools. It is reported that the smart gates by embedding two-dimensional code scanning module using its barcode collection, identification and data transmission performance, to achieve self-tourists “scan code recount.”

Visitors can receive by booking online booking information contains a two-dimensional code SMS, and will in the effective life of mobile two-dimensional code scanning window gates to the sweep, a successful scan, you can enter the area or stadiums. The whole process fast and convenient, not only saves the cost of production of paper tickets or plastic votes, it is effective to reduce the large number of tourists waiting in line for tickets phenomena, provide consumer experience.

Application of mobile two-dimensional code ticket recognition technology, making the development of intelligent gates has been a qualitative leap. At the same time, the error correction capability of strong two-dimensional code scanning module, reading fast, comprehensive reading and other characteristics, to ensure smart gates bring more efficient and convenient check-in service for public resort or venues.



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