LV3096 embedded barcode scanning module payment

According to Alipay data show that there are 75 brands of super 40000 stores access the Alipay. These brands covering almost all mainstream super brands including Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Wumart, Century Lianhua, Auchan, Vanguard and so on. In the field of traffic travel, drops, fast, Uber, Shenzhou car, easy to vehicles, such as Taxi App has access to the Alipay support. In the medical field, there are already 300 hospitals joined Alipay “Future Hospital” program.

Mobile payment penetrated into every aspect of life, consumption out, go shopping without a wallet seems to have become a way of life norm. Buy a bottle of water, you can pay cash or pay by card, even Alipay / micro-channel scan code payment, payment behind multi-style choice is the rapid development of Internet technology. But more hardy is of you business, in order to meet customer needs to install one after collection hardware, there are dedicated to traditional credit card POS, there are dedicated scan code scanning platform, even an intelligent response O2O volume card verification flat. This business is concerned, this experience is not the easiest, nor the most efficient. For use on home inconvenience while increasing the cost of home.

The future of mobile payments coverage would likely show explosive growth, the development of various types of retail APP platform, the mobile payment market is bound to bring a new round of “catfish effect.” Internet-based payment, plus the integration of the terminal thinking, intelligent pos cash register computer can replace the old and inefficient business systems. Businesses must embrace the new marketing model with intelligent terminal equipment, to meet the diverse needs of users to pay, seize the opportunity to seize market share.

For the current situation, Shenzhen Rakinda and domestic first-class intelligent payment terminal manufacturers have introduced a full range of mobile payment smart POS application solutions. The program, in addition to covering the traditional smart card POS function, small ticket printing, but also by means of two-dimensional code Shenzhen RakindaLV3096 phone barcode scanning module, integration of multiple functions payment card coupon marketing, O2O polymerization message as a whole, not only to help businesses improve O2O closed loop, but also to achieve a fine data management. Businesses can do so through big data, customer the customer a single fine management, analyze user consumer behavior, constantly optimize marketing tools, so the depth of bundled user.

     As the core of intelligent POS scanning module, LV3096 embedded barcode scanning module uses to pay outstanding decoding technology, fast and accurate scanning, support Alipay wallet and two-dimensional micro-letter-Fu Yiwei payment code reading; induction speed sensitive, even if the phone is running low, the phone screen foil, color bar, etc., can easily read the bar code, both to enhance the customer experience, but also to speed up the flow of customers.
     Currently, LV3096 embedded bar code scanning module has been fully paid application, and by virtue of superior mobile payment barcode reading performance and good embeddedness, very popular with domestic and foreign manufacturers of intelligent POS terminal manufacturers welcome. The future prospects of payments will continue to scan code field of innovation for the Internet, it is designed to provide customers with the best products and services industry.


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