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Smart red milk machine embedded barcode scancode scanning module intelligent automatic brewing

The child is a gift baby. When a child is born, it is doomed to his parents and busy up! As parents red milk, feeding naturally became the current top priority. The milk-making is not a simple matter, whether it is water, water temperature, or the amount of milk, will affect the quality of milk brewing. For example:

Too much water, the baby can not get calories and nutrients needed for normal growth; too little water, a high concentration of formula milk will cause the baby diarrhea or dehydration.

2.the water temperature
Improper brewing temperature will destroy the milk whey protein, affecting digestion and absorption, the baby’s intestinal tract can also cause damage.

3.The amount of milk powder
Add milk amount error caused the wrong concentration ratio, will increase the burden on the baby’s kidneys, which is very dangerous.


Thus making the ratio of milk must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. But For new parents, it is difficult to accurately manually to the standard specification, combined with the baby crying even make parents rush!

The dilemma for new parents, Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., LTD joint developer of intelligent home appliances introduced a special milk brewer intelligent solutions, with the barcode automatic identification technology to help new parents 10 seconds out of healthy milk, to avoid error ratio caused by milk making mistakes!

According to reports, the smart red milk powder brewing systems encompass a variety of recipes. When new parents to use, through a smart red milk machine embedded barcode scanning module, scanning the barcode on the bottles get milk brand information, it can automatically match the ratio of milk powder brewing, including fine brew temperature, concentration, the amount of milk powder, intelligent scan barcode automatically brew.


It is worth mentioning that the current market smart devices they use brewer Shenzhen Rakinda 3096 barcode scanning module. The product is compact dimensions, the use of powerful desktop decoder chip, reading performance, very suitable for embedded intelligent brewer, smart coffee machines, intelligent microwave, toaster and so intelligent. The need to welcome customers to inquire!



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