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Select a suggested price of supermarket kiosk barcode scanning module

Since most foreign supermarket high cost of labor, less artificial price inquiries and services are usually installed in the vicinity of supermarket shelves supermarket price check machine for customer self inquiry.
Supermarket price check machine is to let customers self-scan bar codes on goods, machinery relevant prices and promotions information, then the information is displayed on the LCD screen. Thus reducing the number of staff to achieve the purpose of cost savings and customer peace of mind for shopping. Very effective to enhance the efficiency and reduce labor costs Ping.

Supermarket price check machine’s main components is the barcode scanning module, also known as barcode scan engine or barcode scanning head. It is the customer in the self-service operation, the only interactive input device. It has been in working condition, and so the customer to scan the bar code of goods, so it will have the option of requesting a higher bar codes.

First, do not recommend laser scanning module. Because why the installation price inquiry machine, when customer queries if there are children in the laser bar code scanning window, it is possible for a child’s eyes cause serious injury, the supermarket may be liable for damages. Also due to the higher operating temperature of the laser scanning module, in this crowded supermarket shelves full stack of circumstances, easy to form hot spots and fire hazards.

Secondly, Price checking machines use bar code scanning engine, has been in working condition, the mechanical parts of the scanning module, a life may be very short. Best choice red scanning module or light-sensitive scanning module.

Again, since the supermarkets, shopping malls are usually vacuum-packed frozen food and food characteristics such goods at the bar code is covered water droplets or shrinkage. It requires scanning module can scan the bar code condensate cover and twist barcode.



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