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LV4500 2D Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner Module——Successfully Applied in Smart Scenic Spot Turnstile

Are you still queuing to buy tickets when traveling? Not cool! The turnstile in smart scenic spots can already read QR code e-ticket on the mobile phone screen. The tourists can book the tickets online and get the QR code e-ticket. By showing the QR code to the scan window of turnstile, you can get in conveniently.

The application of turnstile capable of scanning QR code e-ticket is beneficial for both scenic spots and tourists. For scenic spots, they can bring better tourists experience by keeping tourists from queuing up for ages to buy tickets. Both labor cost and paper ticket consumption are reduced; for tourists, it is convenient to buy and save the e-tickets. It is fashion and cool to do this.

Currently, lots of smart scenic spots in the world are upgrading their turnstile to read the QR code e-ticket on mobile phone screen in order to improve tourists experience.

The smart scenic spot can distribute e-ticket through Internet and the turnstile with LV4500 2D barcode scanner module embedded makes the e-ticket validation realized.

As the core element of turnstile, LV4500 2D barcode scanner module can read the code in tough circumstances, such as low battery, screen membrane, color code etc. LV4500 helps promoting tourists experience and expediting tourists flow at the entrance. LV4500 is the reliable barcode scanner module for turnstile manufacturers in the world!

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