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Subway station gates upgrade —— two – dimensional code scanning module sweep gate

Recently, there are media reports Guangfo subway gates transformation and upgrading are expected to be completed by the end of this year. on the after upgrading subway, people can through the phone two-dimensional code sweep to pay, flash pay and other fast payment way to through.

2D code scanning module sweep gate

Subway station gates to upgrade the project is undoubtedly an important step to facilitate the public travel. Through the gate two-dimensional code scanning head sweep to pay the gate, not only to enhance the passenger ticket experience but also to a large extent so that the public travel more convenient and fun.

According to the editors in-depth understanding of the Guangfo subway gates to upgrade the work is completed, the station staff will be through the radio, signs and other forms, to guide the need for passengers to pass credit card, so as to maximize the efficiency of the passage. After the stability of the latter part of the operation, but also according to the new brake system into the use of data after the results of analysis and continuously enhance the passenger travel experience.


4500R 28-2
LV4500R barcode scanner module


As a channel Gates two-dimensional code scanning application providers, Shenzhen Rakinda of special recommended channel dedicated LV4500R embedded mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning module. The product for mobile phone screen scanning for special technical adjustments even in the light or low light conditions easy to read the phone screen code, color barcode information, both to enhance the scanning efficiency, but also enhance the user experience. With the absolute scanning performance advantages, LV4500R two-dimensional code scanner by the customer wide attention and recognition. If you are interested in intelligent logistics cabinet LV4500R two-dimensional code scanner may wish to inquire!

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