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RD4100 mobile phone 2D code scanning platform to help pay treasure

Recently, Alipay announced in vivo the latest mobile phone X7 / X7Plus launched in the “sweep code seconds to pay” function. The use of these two models of mobile phone users in the future business, food and other lines under the scene payment, you only need to double-click the Home button can quickly call out Alipay’s payment code.

Analysis of the industry, Alipay and mobile phone manufacturers no doubt hope that the perspective of business cooperation solid their own market position and opened with the competitors to pay the distance of WeChat, playing more differentiated battle.




In the traditional business, the strong development of mobile payment, Alipay, WeChat payment technology is increasingly mature, has formed a wide range of business coverage and user habits. At the same time, Alipay, WeChat payment of the rapid development making the sweep of the scanning function of the scanning platform to become the choice of more than cash.

This scenario, as the Internet of Things application brand suppliers, Shenzhen Rakinda for the line business under the fast cash register needs, independent research and development of an RD4100 mobile phone two-dimensional scanning platform. Its function is as follows:

1, Alipay, WeChat payment dedicated

RD4100 embedded in the world-class two-dimensional barcode reading engine, scanning fast and accurate, in Alipay, WeChat payment applications with perfect performance.

2, to meet the group vouchers, coupons vouchers voucher needs

Buy business fast general, the business side has produced a large number of vouchers, vouchers demand, due to manual entry mobile phone or computer efficiency is low and gradually produced a special equipment with the way, the RD4100 mobile two-dimensional scanning platform just to meet Such demand.

3, to meet the two-dimensional code membership management needs

Merchant membership system to customer WeChat personal two-dimensional code as a member identity, through the RD4100 mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning platform to verify the differential members and complete member points discount operation.




With RD4100 mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning platform business side in the integration of “sweep payment” at the same time, also realized the intelligent operation and management, improve operational efficiency. At present, the product has been officially listed on the market, welcome customers need to inquire!

Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Co., Ltd.
Add:5F Bldg.A2, Lilang Software Park, No.31 Bulan Rd, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen City, China



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