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parking lot self-service fee machine 2d code scanning module can brush Alipay

The parking lot self-service machine, you can brush Alipay it! Recently, a shopping mall in Shenzhen underground car park to introduce several intelligent self-service payment machines, in the charging method is more flexible and convenient to achieve diversification of charging methods to facilitate the owners of fast payment.

“After installing the self-service terminal, the owner can self-help payment, take the car to leave.” Parking staff said that the intelligent self-service payment terminal in the integration of cash payments, bank card payments on the basis of the use of two-dimensional code payment technology and bar code Automatic identification technology, through the embedded two-dimensional code scanning module and the parking lot self-payment system, the expansion of mobile payment Alipay, WeChat payment function to meet the diversified payment needs of the public.


parking self-service fee machine application


Parking self-service fee machine application, breaking the “parking fee must be people to charge” the concept of limitations. The user through the self-service payment terminal to complete the parking fee ahead of time to ease the parking lot at the exit due to queuing caused by congestion caused by the situation, while the parking payment records are all automatically entered into the database, real-time export report view, effective supervision of parking fees.

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