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Rakinda of the RD4100 pay treasure payment scanner by the praise

Mobile Internet era, mobile payment in the catering, supermarkets, convenience stores and other payment scenes continue to increase the degree of payment, Alipay and WeChat to pay the two institutions in the field of two-dimensional code payment to occupy the vast majority of the market, has gradually led the mobile payment trend.

In order to catch the mobile phone to pay the trend express, the traditional restaurant stores have “touch the net” to upgrade the store management system, through the payment of microblogging payment scanner, integrated diversified payment channels for consumers to bring more convenient and fast consumer experience.


mobile payment scanning terminal

Recently, the editor visited the Shenzhen Xinhua District, part of the retail stores, light food supermarkets, restaurants and other stores found that Alipay WeChat payment more and more by the public. In the East Central Road, a milk tea shop, the owner will be in the cash register configuration of an RD4100 mobile payment scanning terminal, customer payment only needs to brush down the payment of two-dimensional code to pay the payment.


“Now pay Alipay payment is very popular, and the operation is very convenient, the store every day three to five percent of customers use mobile phone payment treasure letter to pay.” Clerk Mr. Lin said, RD4100 pay treasure WeChat payment scanner convenient and simplify the payment process, not a few customer welcome.

“RD4100 Alipay microblogging payment scanner docking chain milk tea shop upgrade version of the cash register system, not only to achieve the payment action and consumer wishes of the seamless docking but also to help the store on the online consumer market.” RD4100 manufacturer Shenzhen RAKINDA of the staff said.


rd4100 barcode scanner


In addition, the rapid popularization of business on the O2O line, the store side has produced a large number of vouchers, vouchers demand, due to manual entry phone or computer efficiency is low, and gradually produced a special equipment with the way, RD4100 mobile phone two-dimensional code The scanning platform is just right for this kind of demand. At present, the product has been officially listed on the market, welcome customers need to consult!

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