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Barcode reader for mobile payment

Barcode reader for mobile payment is changing our life slowly and makes our life more colorful and intelligent.
As we all know that with the development of Internet, more and more phone APP is occurring in our daily life, the most popular APP is wechat and Alipay, especially for young people after 90s, they even can’t live without them only for one day now. We used to chatting, sending red envelopes, talking about something on dreams with Wechat always .so we are very familiar with barcode reader in fact and even we can make this QR code with any contains we want easily by software to match the barcode reader to realize the function of scanning as blow picture:


QR code payment


China Mobile payment industry background–Tencent – Wechat/Alibaba-Alipay
For Alibaba and Tencent, in the market value of showing you catch up with the trend. At present, although Alibaba boarded the throne of Asia’s first market value, but Tencent Group’s market value, but also exceeded $ 260 billion. In the long run, Alibaba and Tencent will continue to secure the top two of China and Asia’s market capitalization rankings. Alibaba’s share price rose 4.48% on September 21, 2016, and the market value increased to $ 264.499 billion, backed by an increase in the valuation of ants, which rose from $ 60 billion to $ 75 billion. On this basis, Alibaba successfully among the world’s top ten market value of the highest companies.

The market demands of mobile payment in China
1.Card real name system difficulty: card real name system involved in the purchase, reporting the loss and operational capacity and other issues, it is difficult to meet the requirements of large passenger flow operations.
2.Change the inventory/supply difficulty: public transport, subway, and banking institutions change inventory, supply pressure.
3.Recharge/pay efficiency is low: subway service window flow, high-speed toll station vehicle congestion, recharge/payment steps cumbersome, inefficient.
4. Mobile payment trends: mobile payment era, pay treasure \ WeChat payment to become 8090 after the “new favorite”.


As all case I showed above that barcode reader for mobile payment is changing our work and life deeply, we can find more and more applications in these aspects around us easily .so I believe barcode reader will be the main trend in next 100 years, and our humor will become unimaginable ,maybe the cash will disappear slowly .


barcode reader

Rakinda, as the one of biggest barcode reader manufacturer from China, we are focusing on our this great career, and we are happy to help everyone in the world make the big change, where you need, where we are!




We are not only can help to provide you the hardware barcode reader but also software the whole solutions, we are the Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., Ltd, we are here for you whenever you need, our service hotline as below
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