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Hotel self-service machine leveraging two-dimensional code scanner to catch WeChat Alipay

Travel to live in the hotel, do not have the line up on Reception, check the hotel, check out, clearing procedures, just a self-service machine will be able to get! In recent years, Shenzhen, Xiamen, some hotels have introduced self-service machine, the use of mobile Internet technology and two-dimensional code payment technology, through the embedded two-dimensional code scanner and hotel self-service system, to provide a set of self-service.

Hotel self-service machine
hotel self-service machine

The use of the self-service machine, guests can self-service room booking or check out, clearing can also brush the Alipay.” Shenzhen, a hotel lobby manager said the guests use the second generation ID card in the hotel self-service machine to verify, just a few seconds Can check-in, and get the room card; guests check out, the WeChat or Alipay payment two-dimensional code in the device scanning window brush, you can complete checkout.


Hotel shop self-service machine built on the basis of mobile Internet technology, guests can complete the registration, open room, keep life and check out procedures, privacy protection, but also for the hotel station to save a lot of work, and ultimately reduce operating costs.

Hotel self-service machine

In addition, the application of embedded two-dimensional code scanning head, the use of hotel self-service terminal to catch Alipay WeChat payment, to help the hotel multi-direction to enhance the consumer experience. It is noteworthy that the current number of self-service machines in Shenzhen using embedded two-dimensional code scanning head is the Shenzhen rakinda of the best-selling one of the scanning module products. Embedded two-dimensional code scanning head, the use of CMOS image recognition technology, strong performance, even in the guest battery power shortage, mobile phone screen film, etc., but also to ensure the performance of the perfect performance, the customer may inquire!

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