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Community letter box embedded in two – dimensional code scanner to heighten the smart line

In recent years, the integration of information and parcels sent to the intelligent letter box, in Shenzhen wisdom area developed rapidly. This type of letter box embedded in two-dimensional code scanner, the use of mobile Internet technology and barcode automatic identification technology, can achieve mobile phone brush code pickup. Easy operation, high security.

“Intelligent letter box to the residents of the number of code, a cabinet not only can send letters, newspapers, parcels, but also the owner of the private counter.” Shenzhen, a wisdom district property manager said that the owners usually have temporary storage needs can be used In the letter box, the access mode is also intelligent. The owner of the mobile property management category APP access register two-dimensional code, in the smart letter box scanning window brush about, you can open the file; and the user picks up, in the scanning window sweep a sweep Dimension code can be.


“Intelligent news box configuration 24-hour monitoring system, not only support the background monitoring but also to support real-time monitoring of mobile phones, which news and delivery parcels of anti-theft and anti-damage play an important role.” Shenzhen, a wisdom district property manager added.
Compared to the traditional letterbox, intelligent information box in the function and service is a subversive upgrade, to maximize the mailbox to improve the utilization of space. At the same time, intelligent letter box embedded two-dimensional code scanner, fully demonstrated barcode automatic identification technology charm and application value for the residents of the district to bring a new intelligent experience.

It is worth mentioning that the current Shenzhen, many intelligent self-service terminals using two-dimensional code scanner is Shenzhen Rakinda’s best-selling one of the scanning module products. According to reports, this type of two-dimensional code scanner using CMOS image recognition technology, strong performance, even in the guest battery power shortage, mobile phone screen film, etc., but also to ensure the performance of the perfect performance, the customer may inquire!

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