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Self-selling Wine Machine Embedded Mobile Phone Two-dimensional Code Scanning Head Support Alipay WeChat

Customers only need to choose the brand, the number of brush about Alipay, and then click on the wine to complete the purchase, very convenient. “March 1, in the fifth China (Guangzhou) international self-service system and facilities Expo Fair (referred to as CSF), a self-service machine to attract the attention of everyone.

This self-service selling wine machine built-in mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning head, support Alipay, WeChat payment and other mobile payment means. “In view of the mobile payment trends, self-service selling wine machine with software payment system, through the mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning head fusion barcode automatic identification and mobile Internet technology, expand diversified payment methods to facilitate customers to buy wine.” The exhibitors’ responsible person.

self-service selling wine machine

It is understood that the automatic sale of wine inside the remaining wine space, respectively, corresponding to different brands of wine, rich consumer’s choice. When buying wine, Consumers is only in the sweep of the payment window to brush under the mobile phone payment, a single amount of wine at least up to 50ml, the amount of alcohol can be accurate to 1ml, to meet the consumer on demand to buy wine. ” Through the self-service selling wine machine, buy liquor do not have to buy the whole bottle of wine can buy what you want, but also with Alipay, WeChat to pay.” A consumer said.

Automatic sale of wine machine to remove the luxury packaging, eliminating the layers of liquor sales agent, will provide users with mobile payment based on the integration of online and offline seamless O2O new consumer experience. And as a self-service selling wine machine core scan payment module, give full play to the performance of self-identification and data transmission, integration of diversified payment channels at the same time, enhance the user experience.

4500 series mobile phone 2d code scanner module

It is worth mentioning that the current self-selling terminal to use the Shenzhen Rakinda 4500 series mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning head. It is reported that the product uses excellent core solution chip, for mobile phone screen code to read a special technical adjustment, strong performance, green low consumption, can easily deal with high-frequency sweep payment operation requirements! If you are interested in such products, may wish to inquire!

Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Co., Ltd.
Add:5F Bldg.A2, Lilang Software Park, No.31 Bulan Rd, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen City, China
Online sotre:https://lvbarcode.en.alibaba.com/



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