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Gantry Scanner Monolog: I Am Your Eyes, Take You To Read The 2D Code

Hello, two-dimensional code check gate machine! I am a 4500 two-dimensional code reader, is your electronic eyes, willing to take you to read thousands of two-dimensional code e-ticket!

Fate is wonderful! I am an embedded two-dimensional scanning module, had nothing to do with the access control channel gates, but the development of two-dimensional code electronic ticketing and barcode automatic identification technology traction, we meet, know each other, and collision of subtle chemical reaction.




This is a complicated and simple experience! Human on the smartphone dedicated to the birth of two-dimensional code electronic ticketing, but also to promote the channel gates industry upgrades, which you urgently need to integrate the scanning function to meet the development trend of the times. And as an embedded scanning module, the urgent need for the intelligent terminal carrier, let me maximize the two-dimensional code to automatically identify the application of technology value. So we seem to be born for each other!

With good timing and the intervention by the creator,I (4500 two-dimensional code reader)become your (channel gates) bar code electronic eye, combined with the two-dimensional code electronic ticketing system, give full play to the bar code automatically identify the value of technology while also taking you (Channel gates) read the two-dimensional code electronic votes.


As the creator of the 4500 two-dimensional code reader, Shenzhen Rakinda has sincerely welcomed the creators of the channel gates to come to the door to promote the integration of the channel gates and scanners to achieve the value of sublimation.

Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Co., Ltd.
Add:5F Bldg.A2, Lilang Software Park, No.31 Bulan Rd, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen City, China
Online sotre:https://lvbarcode.en.alibaba.com/



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