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Mobile Phone Replace Bus Card – Brush Mobile Payment Code Take The Bus

Mobile payment era, mobile phone replace bus card, sweep code to pay the bus, is nothing new, like Hangzhou, Wuhan, Jinan, Nanjing and other cities have already opened a mobile phone pay treasure APP sweep code car function. Recently, Jinhua bus also catches the trend popular of swept APP.

And is different from other city buses, Jinhua bus is not working with Alipay, but the use of independent research and development APP sweep to pay the bus. Jinhua citizens take the bus just open the mobile phone APP to obtain the bus payment two-dimensional code, and brush scanner payment in front of the bus, tick the sound can be completed to pay. At present, everyday cloud bus card sweep code has reached more than 1,000.


Jinhua through the introduction of “Internet + bus” system, combined with the bus to pay the scanner, cracked the limited network of public transport network bottlenecks, a comprehensive solution to the passenger to handle bus card difficult, for change money difficult, recharge difficult, consult difficult, four difficult problems. It should be noted that the bus to pay the scanner embedded two-dimensional code scanning module, fully integrated two-dimensional code automatic identification and mobile Internet information technology to ensure efficient scanning operations.

At present, Jinhua every day more than 1,000 people in this way by bus. With the stability and maturity of R & D technology, Jinhua City Public Transport Group will increase investment and investment, will be more than 50 one-vote urban regular lines on the installation of the car-mounted scanner, is expected in mid-April to fully open the two-dimensional Code car service.


Shenzhen Rakinda professional to provide bus payment code terminal dedicated embedded two-dimensional code scanning module and application solutions for the rail transport payment system upgrades and innovation and development to provide new impetus. If you are interested in such applications, may wish to inquire!

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