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Smart Game Currency Exchange Machine Embedded Barcode Scanner Module Can Brush Alipay

The game currency can brush WeChat Alipay! Recently, an amusement park in Shenzhen, the introduction of several smart game currency exchange machine, added scanning payment module, visitors can exchange for the game currency, brush Alipay WeChat settlement.

According to reports, the amusement park self-service game currency exchange machine with the software payment system, through the embedded barcode scanner module fusion two-dimensional code automatic identification technology and mobile data transmission technology for visitors to pay Alipay, WeChat payment services. Compared with the traditional paper money exchange machine, smart game currency exchange machine in the form of electronic currency transactions, breaking the currency restrictions, simplify the operation process.


Exchange of the game currency, the visitors can through the smart game currency exchange machine on demand exchange, Then in the window of smart game currency exchange machine brush Alipay or WeChat to payment to complete the settlement, easy to operate, to avoid the banknotes too old can not identify the situation. At the same time, merchants can view the exchange records in real time through the backstage system, and do not have to manually check the banknotes at the later stage.

As an expert in automatic identification technology, Shenzhen Rakinda specializes in providing self-service terminal dedicated embedded bar code scanner module and solutions for the self-service industry to upgrade the industry and innovation and development to provide new impetus. Welcome interested friends to inquire!

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