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Public Transport Field – Two-dimensional Code Payment Take The Lead

With the development of mobile Internet and the popularity of smartphones, mobile payment is also fast development, the rapid expansion of market size. In the field of public transport, Alipay, WeChat and other two-dimensional code payment and Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other field payment industry giants give the layout of public transport mobile payment business in several major cities and brought a trend to the industry. However, in the industry competing for development, the two-dimensional code payment the program business and how to seize the public transport industry opportunities?


Solve the user trouble to do intelligent applications

In order to enhance the passenger experience, to solve the traffic problem, to ensure quality service on the basis of intelligent innovation application is valuable and is conducive to promoting the wisdom of traffic development.

At present, China’s urban public transport main to card payment to satisfy the traffic payment function. Compared to the traditional cash payment, the card payment to ease the change the inventory and exchange money pressure, but it is difficult to like bank cards, social security cards and other cards to implement real name system management. And this “not real name, do not report the loss” card management in terms of passengers, once the card will lose a certain loss of property. In addition, the peak hours of the card recharge service window flow of people, to exclude a long time, affecting the passenger recharge experience.


As the Shenzhen two-dimensional code payment the brand program providers, Shenzhen Rakinda launched a set of mobile phone payment application program, the use of bar code scanning module will be two-dimensional code payment into the intelligent payment terminal, At the same time will be portable smartphone into a smooth bus card to achieve mobile phone payment treasure, WeChat APP, subway “scan payment” function, so as to help the public transport industry customers to integrate high-quality functional services at the same time, to provide passenger travel experience.


Internet + traffic – attention to user experience

Modern enterprise competition, not only the market competition but also is the product, service, experience the competition. Standing in the consumer’s position to see the entire industry development, in order to truly think of the user’s thinking, do the user’s needs. Shenzhen rakinda mobile phone payment application program, with the mobile Internet, cloud computing, large data, Internet of things and other new information and communication technology, the Internet industry and the traditional transportation industry perfect fusion, to create online and efficient operation of the “Internet + traffic “The new pattern, to meet the user more convenient travel, more human services and more scientific decision-making needs, while promoting the transformation and upgrading of public transport industry.

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