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Mobile Payment Was Explosive Growth – How Far Away From Shenzhen “Cashless” Era?

With the development of mobile payment, many supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants have opened a “cashless” cash register, Alipay, WeChat payment is the standard skill of cashier. Data show that in 2016 China’s mobile payment amount increased by nearly 50%, reaching 37 trillion RMB, has exceeded the total GDP of Japan that year. For the people of Shenzhen, how far away from the “cashless” era?

“Mobile payment” permeates all aspects of public life. Take the mobile phone to go outside, just scan, you can complete the any one of daily life of the cash consumption or credit card spending.


Mr. Lin has been operating fruit stalls for more than 10 years. Last year, his booth more than a “two-dimensional code payment” stickers, then he found that every day to do a lot of business convenience. “Two-dimensional code payment is very convenient, do not exchange money, how much a day to sell, each single consumption of how much money in the phone will have a record.” Mr. Lin said.

Mobile payment development fast, whatever credit card repayment, pay for water and electricity, the corner of the fruit stalls, snack bar, almost covered all the daily needs of life. “Even though just to buy a newspaper, one yuan, we can scan the barcode payment.” Mr. Wu said.

Mobile payment: from “young men” to “old men” to expand

Relative to the cash payment, the cashless payment includes IC card consumption, bank card consumption, mobile payment three categories. Among them, China’s mobile payment development is particularly rapid, China UnionPay released “2016 mobile payment security survey report” shows that the use of mobile phones to pay more than Jiucheng respondents, compared with 2015 increased by 14%. The “investigation report” shows that more and more elderly people are also trying to use this payment method.


69-year-old Zhang aunt is a breakfast shop clerk. A month ago, her daughter helped her apply for a two-dimensional code. With the help of her daughter, Zhang aunt will soon be able to skillfully use this payment method, she felt so convenient.

A coffee shop clerk also said: “Our 70% customers will choose to scan 2d code to pay, there is some aunt she has a WeChat and she will use the WeChat to pay.

“There is almost not take money to go out now, buy a piece of clothes a few hundred pieces, I carry a package to be afraid of losing.” Liu aunt who lives in Changxing Garden told reporters, around her a lot of older people and can use WeChat.

IResearch Consulting analysts believe that with the increase in mobile payment penetration, the user’s carry cash to reduce, the amount of mobile payment next step to expand the focus will be on the increase in coverage, the elimination of cash to replace the bank card, enhanced large payment Support capability.

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