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The Time Of QR Code Payment On Subway Is Coming

Recently the service of Qr Code Payment starts on Jiangxi Subway. It solves the biggest matter about small changes, and it also achieves the dream of safe payment and fast and easy going-out.

It is enough to only offer payment code for owner of car; the workers on subway use the terminal scanner to read the bar code. Yeah, the payment will be finished easily.
At present, the service of Qr code payment is starting, only Wechatpay is available; but please do not worry about, Alipay will be workable soon. And Qr code payment will be used widely.

With the further development of Internet, Qr code payment becomes more and more popular. This way has bright future. As the brand supplier of Bar Code Scanner, Rakinda makes the hardware case professionally, it helps the group of highway to develop effectively.

LV4500 series embedded bar code scanner module.
There are some payment terminal like Kiosk with phone bar code scanner module; they have more functions, the scanning of bar code, the transfer of data and the renewed Qr payment system.

Please kindly check the following features of this systems as follows:
1.Remote-Scanning: the LV4500 series bar code scanners are with excellent decode technology high performance and supporting long-term reading;
2.The high rate of payment: passengers make payments directly, it make the process become easily making the whole work effectively;
3.Especial for LCD Bar code: LV4500 series bar code scanner with special technology for reading Phone Bar Code with even different light, different color. All in all, it is with perfect quality.




Bar code makes people live together and make people life easily. As the 17-year suppliers of bar code scanner, it is our responsibility to develop and research more and more scanners to meet the request of customers.
If you have any good suggestion about the scanner, the bar code, please let me know. Hope there is a chance to communicate with each other. : )

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whatsapp: 86-17839315365
Tel: 86-755-83233013-844
Web: https://www.rakinda.com
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