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Barcode Scanning Check-in Ticket – Exhibition WeChat Booking Tickets

March 3, For three-day China (Guangzhou) International Self-Service System and Facilities Expo (referred to as CSF) in the Canton Fair Pavilion came to an end. This exhibition than the previous exhibition specifications, the number of exhibitors, exhibition activities have been improved, access to exhibitors, buyers, and the audience wide acclaim. In addition, WeChat booking tickets, self-service tickets, scan code ticket application is also relished.

According to reports, this exhibition in order to enhance the convenience of the exhibition, for the ticket queuing and admission queuing two prominent issues launched a new initiative, not only the new WeChat booking service but also to optimize the venue of a variety of self-services ticket machine and check tickets Terminal application.


In the purchase of tickets, the organizers specifically open WeChat booking channels, while adding a number of self-service ticket terminal. The audience mobile phone concerned about the exhibition official WeChat, self-entry into exhibition information generated two-dimensional code, and then in the self-service terminal to scan to print out the ticket, to avoid the congestion caused by queuing and improve ticket efficiency at the same time. It should be noted that the self-services ticket machine combined with the exhibition ticketing database, through the embedded bar code scanning module with bar code automatic identification technology and mobile Internet data transmission technology to achieve the audience self-scan code to get tickets.

In the approach service, the exhibition will be added to the PDA ticket terminal, the use of electronic ticket admission channel, unified electronic ticket form, to further improve the recognition rate of electronic tickets, so as to enhance the audience admission efficiency. Handheld PDA ticket terminal with the exhibition ticketing system to embedded two-dimensional code scanning module for the “electronic eye” for the audience to provide fast scan ticket inspection service. When the audience is enrolled, the ticker can only complete the check-in ticket by scan the bar code on the paper ticket.


This exhibition, with the “WeChat booking ticket + Line-down self-service ticket” wisdom ticket mode, opened up the exhibition chain of services, to help the exhibition services to achieve the Internet. In the future, visit the exhibition free queuing self-admission, anytime, anywhere access to information and sharing experience will no longer is an imagine.

Shenzhen RAKINDA professional self-service terminal dedicated embedded two-dimensional code scanning module and application solutions for the self-service industry to upgrade the industry and innovation and development to provide new impetus.

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