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Scan Mobile Code To Payment Take a Bus Test Feedback Good

Since August 2016, Hangzhou 506 Road, the first try the Internet scan code to take the bus projects, passengers scan the phone Alipay to pay. Such a car payment model to solve the cash, exchange money the problem, even if the account balance is insufficient, but also through the “ant flower chant” to pay.

“try six months, whatever the user experience, or pay efficiency, are considerable performance. Although the 506 road is not a large passenger line, but there are still many passengers choose to scan mobile phone to pay.” According to the Hangzhou Public Transport Group, the relevant person in charge of the introduction.


Recently, the media reported that the main city of Hangzhou Road 156 all the vehicles have been installed multi-functional payment terminals to support the scanned payment, UnionPay cloud flash payment, the public card payment. In addition, “Hangzhou bus” APP mobile payment function or will be opened in the first half of this year. The bus group is also preparing to install a mobile payment terminal on the main bus lines in the main city this year, which means that it is possible to achieve more buses to scan code to payment.

As a public transport mobile phone payment program providers, Shenzhen rakinda together with a software provider launched a smart bus/subway mobile payment application program, the full use of bar code recognition technology and mobile Internet technology integration of new scan payment function, the portable smart phone into A smooth bus card to meet the diverse needs of passengers at the same time, help public transport efficient operation. If you are interested in such products, may wish to inquire.



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