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Barcode Scanner Module In The Self-service Terminal

In the era of Internet of Things information, barcode automatic identification technology as a data collection, transmission of important means by many industries of all ages. To the self-service industry, for example, the traditional self-service terminal manufacturers using bar code scanning module fusion barcode automatic identification technology, breaking the traditional terminal functional limitations, so that the application wider range of applications.

1, Self-service Sale Terminal
Self-service sale terminal system docking Alipay, WeChat payment interface, combined with embedded barcode scanner module to expand the scanning payment function. Users through the self-service machine shopping, just scan the phone payment code to complete the payment.

2, Self-recharge / payment terminal
In the traditional paper money to pay, credit card payment under the premise of self-recharge / payment terminal through the embedded barcode scanner module fusion barcode automatic identification and mobile Internet data transmission technology, combined with software systems, integration Alipay, WeChat payment function.


3, Electronic ticketing class self-service terminal
Self-service ticket terminal to bar code scanning module for the “electronic eye”, by identifying the mobile phone electronic ticket two-dimensional code certificate, to provide users with scan ticket service. Common self-service ticket terminals are cinema ticket machine, subway ticket machine, ticket machines and so on.

4, Public service class self-service terminal
Self-service lottery machine, the use of barcode scanning module fusion two-dimensional code automatic identification technology and mobile Internet technology, combined with self-service lottery software for the general public to provide one-stop shopping service. Lottery through the self-help lottery machine to choose votes, just WeChat payment can be votes; redemption bonus, click on the screen button, in the redemption bonus windown scan about the lottery coins can enter the redemption bonus page.

ID card self-service apply for accreditation machine, the embedded barcode scanning module, with bar code scanning, data transmission, and other properties. Applicants only need to scan “photo receipt” bar code in the scanning window to get certified photos.

Inspection report self-service printer, combined with medical test report system, through the embedded barcode reader fusion barcode automatic identification technology and mobile Internet data transmission technology to achieve patient self-service scan code query, print inspection report card.


Barcode automatic identification technology applications, breaking the traditional self-service terminal features limitations for the self-service terminal industry to provide more possibilities. As an expert in automatic identification technology, RAKINDA has launched a series of self-service dedicated bar code scanners and industry application solutions to help traditional self-service terminal manufacturers innovate and tap new business opportunities.

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