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Scanning Payment Module Of High-speed Toll Station Long-range Scanning Performance Test

Usually, the best distance to pay for the scan is 25cm-100cm (field test). In view of the actual scanning distance requirements of the high-speed toll station, Shenzhen Rakinda in particular for scanning payment module to upgrade the technology, optimize the scanning distance, angle and fill light effect, to ensure that it easily identify the different contrast, color, and reflection of the phone screen code or Paper code. If you are interested in such applications, welcome to come our company experience the test!


Application Scheme of  Scan code Payment Module for High – speed Toll Station
High-speed toll station scanning terminal embedded scanning payment module, combined with high-speed toll station payment system, integrated Alipay, WeChat and other scanning payment channels, while further enhancing the digital transport, and intelligent level.

Compared with the traditional cash payment, scan code payment to simplify the operation process, no need pay cash and exchange money. Only a few seconds to complete the payment, that is, to avoid the problem of currency circulation and counterfeit money risk, but also greatly ease the peak hours of the highway “through station”.


4500I barcode scanner module


As a high-speed toll station scanning payment module application program, Shenzhen Rakinda launched a special 4500I embedded mobile phone two-dimensional code payment scanning module, combined with scanning payment and mobile Internet technology for the future “traffic city” to create, urban transport work Technical support, so as to promote the wisdom of traffic “big artery” unimpeded.

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