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Two-dimensional Code Smart Access Control System Scan Mobile Phone To Open The Door

Scan the phone to open the door, the new access control system is too smart! Recently, Shenzhen a company introduction of “Internet + two-dimensional code intelligent access control” system, residential residents can access through the phone access APP to achieve a pass.

The safety of community access control is the primary concern of each owner. Since the beginning of the year, the district access control system is in a state of failure, often can not close the door, non-residential residents are random to access. In this scenario, the Shenzhen rakinda of the smartphone access control software in particular for the district custom Internet + two-dimensional code intelligent access control system application program, through the two-dimensional code scanning module to upgrade the traditional door lock equipment, combined with intelligent access control APP, to achieve access to the staff All-round digital management.

According to the introduction, the user must access the APP software access ID card number, mobile phone number and other information for real-name authentication, all the information through the landlord, property audit confirmed before being verified. And when access control, the user only need to access two-dimensional code of the phone APP, aimed at the smart door lock scanning window scan, verify the success and the door will automatically open at the same time, the two-dimensional code permissions cancellation, the next visit need to apply for new The two-dimensional code.


In addition, the smart access control also developed a “guest authorization” function, friends visit, the owners can send text messages through the remote, WeChat or in the APP, the visitors to open the door to authorize.

Intelligent access control terminal with mobile phone access control APP hug “Internet” to achieve the real-time record of the situation of the staff and out of the district, to solve the traditional access card “inconvenience”, “card loss” and other security risks, to prevent various types of insecurity, help for security management.

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