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Amazing! Hospital Self-service Machine Embedded Barcode Scanner Module To Print X-ray Film

Recently, Zoucheng City People’s Hospital recently introduced X-ray self-service printing terminal, patients with the exclusive bar code can be self-service scan code to print X-ray film!

According to reports, this self-service printing terminal, through the embedded barcode scanning module fusion barcode scanning, data transmission performance, and then through the hospital image PACS system docking, the full realization of X-ray film and inspection report self-service scan printing.

Before the patients’ examination, to the radiology service window to register, after to receive a personal barcode film bag, directly the According to the procedure check, approximately 90 minutes after the X-ray film, you can print the film and inspection report in the self-service print area. When printing, the patient only needs to bar code stored in the self-service printing terminal scanning window scan, verify the success can be printed.


Compared with the traditional manual sorting and release reporting mode, Self-service code printing service applications, reducing the patient treatment links, shorten the waiting time, saving the hospital manpower and material resources. At present, Zoucheng People’s Hospital with 2 automatic printer, to provide 24-hour service.

As an expert in automatic identification technology, Shenzhen RAKINDA specializes in providing self-service terminal embedded barcode scanning module and solution for the self-service industry to upgrade and innovation and development to provide new impetus. Welcome interested friends to inquire!

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