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Payment Industry Upgrade To Bring Two-dimensional Code Scanner Module New Opportunities

Mobile Internet era, Alipay, WeChat the two giants together to promote, scan code payment has become China Mobile payment the mainstream technology, Not only the impact of the traditional payment industry pattern but also to promote the receipt equipment industry to upgrade. In the future, the industry will receive the equipment by “two-dimensional code scanning module” embrace scan code payment.

In recent years, Alipay, WeChat etc the rise of scan code payment, emerging payment technology in the gradual replacement of traditional payment technology. At present, most of the financial POS, bus card reader, subway gates have already have the magnetic stripe, IC card slot, and other functions, but still far from meeting the growing demand for payment.Traditional and emerging technologies in parallel, to promote the receipt equipment industry upgrade, but also bring to the two-dimensional code scanning module new opportunities.


In the process of retrofitting traditional receipt equipment, the integration of sweep payment is not only the integration of unilateral payment function but also the integration of hardware and software system. Usually, in terms of hardware, the receipt of equipment to ensure the original function based on the addition of barcode scanner module, with its barcode scanning and data transmission performance, expand the scan code payment function; In the software, the upgrade in the original system after the docking Alipay WeChat interface, to achieve seamless online and offline docking.

With the changes in the payment industry and the ever-changing business needs of the store, the traditional single-equipment manufacturers to further expand the demand for barcode payment scanning module. At present, alone on the receipt device itself, through the embedded two-dimensional scanner module can be integrated Alipay, WeChat payment, and other scan payment channels in one, to businesses and consumers to bring a convenient experience. In addition, the two-dimensional scanning module has the hardware advantage can also help the acquisition of equipment quickly collected, transmission scan payment data. As a two-dimensional code to pay for scanning hardware brand suppliers, Shenzhen Rakinda, especially the end of the terminal dedicated two-dimensional code scanning module, help terminal manufacturers to innovate to promote industrial upgrading.

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