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Cashless Alliance Set Up – Scan Payment Will Meet The Unprecedented Development Opportunities

Recently, the cashless alliance was established in Hangzhou, the United Nations Environment Program, the ant gold service with the first 15 members of the Union to promote the cash from cash to cashless conversion process. In the mobile payment market, the rapid development of the environment, no cash society to accelerate the arrival of scan payment or will meet the unprecedented development opportunities.

The research report has shown that in 2016 China’s mobile payment market reached 2.9 trillion US dollars, in four years, grew 20 times. At the same time, the central bank data show that mobile payments to maintain the momentum of rapid growth, business and the amount of the amount of respectively increased by 85.82% and 45.59%. It can be seen that China bypasses the popularity of credit cards and jumps directly from the cash payment phase to the mobile payment phase.


Mobile payment quickly seize the bank’s consumer market, forcing the “banking department” to speed up the layout of the two-dimensional code payment market, such as Bank of Communications, Industrial and Commercial Bank have a “two-dimensional code payment” products. This competitive landscape will undoubtedly promote the arrival of the cashless society while promoting the development of two-dimensional code payment trends.

As a two-dimensional code to pay the scanning hardware brand suppliers, Shenzhen Rakinda has launched a series of special supermarket scanning platform, scanning guns, scanning module products for business integration mobile payment to provide hardware support, welcome customers need to inquire!

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