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Scan Barcode Payment To Lead The New Trend

Recently, the “two-dimensional code gifting” and “two-dimensional code begging” having attention, which is not only a way payment application but also it is “cashless society,” the epitome of the general trend. With the mobile payment and the smartphone industry continues to develop, a mobile phone seems to be able to complete all online and offline payment. In terms of public transport, “scan code payment” gradually lead the “cashless” payment of new trends.

In the cashless society trend, the user payment method is not limited to the traditional cash, credit card payment, the future, more diversified payment method of random switching. In this scenario, how to build a diversified payment system, to meet the user to pay habits, has become the focus of urban transport operators.

Since the beginning of last year, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Jinan, Nanjing and other cities have try mobile phone scan barcode payment the ride project, through the combination of public transport scan code payment the terminal, crack the bus network limited bottleneck, a comprehensive solution to the passenger card difficult, Recharge difficult, consult difficult,four difficult problems.


Public transport scanner barcode payment and traditional credit card payment is essentially different. First, must be electronic bus code of the payment media. Second, the phone change bus card, do not have to worry about recharge the problem, after the formation of the virtual electronic card, you can directly through the balance, Alipay, Bankcard deduction, avoid the card have no money problem.

As a public transport scan code payment program providers, Shenzhen Rakinda will launch smart bus/subway mobile payment application program, the use of barcode recognition technology and mobile Internet technology integration of new scan payment function, the portable smartphone into a smooth bus , To meet the diverse needs of passengers at the same time, to help public transport efficient operation.

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