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Barcode Scanner Module Make The Dragon Boat Festival Holiday More Convenient

Every Dragon Boat Festival holiday, in addition to enjoying the “rice dumplings” fragrance, most people will use this short holiday to their own a pleasant trip. In order to enhance the public travel experience, speed up the sale ticket speed, Qingdao long-distance bus station for young people payment preferences, the addition of barcode scanner payment dedicated window.


Passengers only need to open Alipay or WeChat wallet “payment” interface, the staff can use the two-dimensional code scanner reader scan. Editor at the scene to see, passengers open the payment function, the conductor picked up the two-dimensional code scanner reader to scan that finished payment. 2 seconds after the scan of the passengers received a payment information, while the ticket sales staff will print the terminal to pay the receipt of documents and tickets to the passengers.


In addition, according to the Qingdao bus station 15 days pre-sale ticket set, is now available to buy a small holiday during the Dragon Boat Festival travel tickets. In addition to the station window ticket, the network ticket, mobile phone tickets, outside the ticket, self-service ticket machines, etc. will also be synchronized during the sale of small holiday car tickets.

As a scanned payment the hardware brand program providers, Shenzhen rakinda of the professional supply scan payment two-dimensional code reader, to pay the terminal embedded two-dimensional code scanner module, help “Internet + smart station” efficient operation. If you are interested in such applications, please contact us!

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