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Smart Bookcases By Barcode Scanner Module To Borrow Books Of Free

Smart bookcases, the combination of the Internet and the library, can scan code free of charge to borrow books. Recently, a domestic library will launch a “smart bookcase” service, to achieve one key online to borrow books, the public can enjoy the free distribution of books near the home of the smart bookcases, like the delivery, scan code to borrow the book.

Readers through the mobile phone APP online books, and enjoy the free distribution of books near the home of the intelligent bookcase service. Book subscription is successful, the reader can receive text messages on the phone two-dimensional code. With the phone to subscribe to SMS two-dimensional code, the reader can scan the specified time to give back the book. It should be noted that the smart bookcase embedded two-dimensional barcode scanner module, into the barcode scanning, data transmission performance, combined with community intelligence to take the booking system, to achieve self-service readers “scan code to back the book” service.


Smart bookcases to “Internet + library” model, combined with online book borrowing system and community intelligence to take the booking system, to create “the home of the library”, the construction online and offline seamless docking 100 meters reading life circle, help people read.

As a smart cabinet two-dimensional code scanner suppliers, Shenzhen Rakinda 4500 series of two-dimensional code scanner module, give full play to their own scan code identification and data performance, save user access time, but also provide intelligent cabinet service level. At present, the scanner module has been fully promoted to the market, interested friends may wish to inquire!

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