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Bus Payment POS machine – E-tickets Payment Module

With the development of mobile-payment internet, it becomes popular to make payments through mobile; and it is the trouble to prepare some changes or bus ID card to take buses; and as for ID card, it is not convenient to charge cards; it is bad if lost cards; what is more, we cannot use the ID card in different places.

Now the method to solve this trouble is E-tickets payment.
For the E-tickets payment, there are two parts to service this system; one is software, another is hardware.
As for the software, it is to solve the question–how to make payment online;
As for the hardware, it is to read the e-tickets and then transfer the information to the software. In Europe, Maccabi Phone-ticket is excellent; and Our Rakinda Barcode scanner is the best partner to scan Phone-ticket.
And e-tickets and Qr-payment bring more profits for passengers.


Firstly, it is able to save resources, only e-tickets on phone is okay;
Secondly, it is easy to take only phone in hand is okay;
Thirdly, it is easy to use, open the phone directly is okay;
Shenzhen Rakinda, as the 7-year supplier of barcode scanner, we design LV4500 series barcode scanner module, especially for e-tickets. This scanner is with 4 LED light reading the phone code even under weak light, and even the phone with protectors; the scanner is with RS232/USB interface; it is just a play, do not need any help of driver.

As for the design, the e-ticket phone bar code scanner is perfect to the turnstile, kiosk. And we are many kinds of the scanner to choose, the scanner with glass, the scanner without glass, but the core scanners are same. All of these scanners are charming.
Please don’t lost the chance to cooperate with barcode. Because bar code is full of the life.

Contact information:
Email: wood@rakinda.com;
Skype: Wood Rakinda
whatsapp: 86-17839315365
Tel: 86-755-83233013-844
Web: https://www.rakinda.com
Online sotre: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/205308



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