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Mobile Phone Scan Barcode Payment to Lead the High-speed Toll Station Into the Cashless Era

Mobile phone scan barcode payment to lead the high-speed bus toll station into the “cashless” era! With the “Internet + smart traffic” development trend, China has a number of provinces and cities of the highway toll station to start or try to mobile phone scan code payment tolls, mobile payment tolls become a reality.

Mobile payment toll is a complement to the traditional way of charging, not only to meet the development trend of the times to meet the needs of different groups of people pay but also save time to pay, to high-speed access, the busy hours of congestion have a certain degree of mitigation.


Vehicles into the lane, the choice of scan code payment owners only need to open the phone Alipay or WeChat, select the “payment” function, aimed at the smart scan terminal scan two-dimensional code, you can complete the toll payment. In view of the intelligent scanning terminal embedded two-dimensional code scanning module has achieved 1 meter accurate identification, the phone does not even extend out the car can also complete the payment.

Before the owner to pay with the cash toll, to go through give the card, credit card, pay, check money, change the number of money and other processes, the process is cumbersome, and now use the phone to pay, Reducing the vehicle waiting time, greatly enhance the efficiency of the passage.


As a scan code payment the brand program providers, Shenzhen rakinda of the special launch of high-speed toll station smart scan terminal dedicated 4500I two-dimensional barcode scanner module, combined with bar code scanning and mobile Internet technology, intelligent scanning terminal to provide core scanning technology support at the same time, Promote the wisdom of traffic “big artery” unimpeded. If you are interested in such applications, please visit our test experience!

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