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Shenzhen Tourist Attractions Support Scan Barcode Into the Park Fast Service

Shenzhen tourist attractions will usher in the “Dragon Boat Festival” small holiday, traffic is expected to reach 100 million people. In order to shorten the waiting time for visitors to line up to enhance the passenger travel experience, Shenzhen East OCT, Xianhu Botanical Garden, and other attractions to enable mobile phone tickets, gates scan code check ticket admission fast service.


According to reports, the Shenzhen Tourism actively deployed “Scenic Area Electronic Ticket System Based on Two – dimensional Code Technology”, combination wisdom gates check ticket system, to achieve a full range of scenic ticket management at the same time, to further promote the Internet technology in the wisdom scenic spots application. It should be noted that the wisdom of the gates embedded two-dimensional code reader, combined with the electronic ticketing system, to achieve scan code check ticket function.

Visitors only need to specify in the area of mobile phone ticket client online ticket payment, you can get electronic tickets. when checking ticket, the tourists holding electronic tickets, placed in the park at the entrance of the gates scan, verify that can through the gate, to achieve rapid admission.


Compared with the traditional manual ticketing, ticket mode, self-service mobile phone buy the ticket, scan code check ticket operation is convenient, not only greatly alleviate the peak period of ticketing staff pressure, but also to avoid the tourists and service personnel unnecessary conflict, The time required to queue up.

As a barcode scanning application experts, Shenzhen rakinda of professional supply gate machine dedicated two-dimensional code scanning module and application program to help the gate machine manufacturers to innovate changes to promote industrial upgrading. If you are interested in such applications, may wish to inquire!

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