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Scan Barcode Check Two-dimensional Code Electronic Ticket Is Security Convenience

Recently, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, a science and technology exhibition site, the official opening of two-dimensional electronic phone code ticket service. The audience with the phone-side two-dimensional code e-ticket, scan barcode check ticket can be through the wisdom gate.

As the capital of science and technology in China, Shenzhen, science, and technology exhibitions have attracted many exhibitors, to the scene sale ticket has brought a lot of pressure. As the exhibition popular bursting, so how to reduce the time to queue up is the concerned problem about the issue of the organizers and the audience.


The exhibition, in order to improve the entire exhibition of two-dimensional code e-ticket scan code check ticket examination experience, the organizers in the field to add wisdom check gate. Audience ticket admission just opens the phone to obtain two-dimensional code e-ticket, then scan under the window in the machine, verify can admission.

It is reported that the wisdom gates embedded two-dimensional code scanning module, combined with two-dimensional code electronic ticketing system, the use of Internet technology mean for the audience to provide a fast, convenient and stable scan barcode check ticket service. Compared with the traditional paper ticket queuing way, the wisdom checks gate capping process is more standard fast, not only greatly shorten the audience check time, improve service quality, more cost savings, greatly enhance the efficiency of the check ticket.

As a barcode scanning application brand program providers, Shenzhen rakinda of the professional supply of intelligent gates dedicated two-dimensional code scanner and application programs, help traditional gates manufacturers innovation and change, enhance product competitiveness. If you are interested in such applications, may wish to inquire!

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