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Mobile Payment Development In Singapore

Singapore is often put together as a market in Malaysia, although its total population is not high, but the population education and per capita income is very high, its spending power can not be overlooked.Total population: 5.4 million, Mobile users: 7.3 million.Intelligent machine users: penetration rate in Southeast Asia, the highest, 90%. Which Andrews accounted for 60%, there are 3 million Andrews users. GooglePaly in Singapore to support SingTel, StarHub two operators to pay.Features: Compared with other Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malay, Philippines and other countries, Singapore’s population education level and per capita income are at a high level. According to the British Economist Intelligence Agency published 2014 global living expenses survey, although its total population is not high, but its rich density is located in the world’s first, only in 2012, per capita income reached 51,000 US dollars, about Combined 300,000 yuan, its spending power can not be overlooked;


Mobile payment has been increased a lot in Singapore ,and Singapore Telecom in the Southeast Asian market through the way shares have a very high share:
1. Singapore’s largest operator, 3.8 million mobile phone users
2. Indonesia’s largest operator, 125 million mobile phone users (43% market share)
3. Thailand’s largest operator, 38 million mobile phone users (44% market share)
4. The second largest operator in the Philippines, 36 million mobile phone users (33% market share)
Due to the absolute position of Singapore Telecom in Southeast Asia and the amount of customers, they charge 38% of all bad debts incurred by Singapore Telecom. all kinds of barcode scanner occurs to help Singapore go faster in mobile payment in the world !
SingTel: launched in 2010 mobileP @ y service, Singapore land transport sector is the first business, the user can purchase the traffic ticket, but the follow-up no sound. In April 2013 launched mCash (also launched mWallet client), mainly used for remittances, life payments, the client can buy @ Cash, CherryCredit and other digital game content point card. In June 2014, Standard Chartered Bank launched Dash mobile banking services;
M1: 2009 Citigroup launched the NFC-based PayWave service, can be used for hotels, bookstores, music stores, etc.;
StarHub: August 2012 and DBS Bank to launch NFC-based SmartWallet, can be used for taxis, movie tickets and so on.

Rakinda As a leader in China's mobile payment industry

Singapore eNETs is the only professional payment network operator in Singapore. It supports DBS, POSB, UOB, OCBC, CitiBankSG debit cards to pay for five banks and is not limited to local payments in Singapore. It is a kind of local payment method. More than 90% of cards in Southeast Asia should be Visa and MasterCard. Singapore eNETs are real-time bank transfer, so the fixed rate is high, it is recommended to open only in high area.
ENETs in Singapore have more than three million users, the group is still very large, if the mobile phone game inside the payment amount is relatively high when the usage is not low. If you find eNETs directly, the price is estimated to be more than 2 Europe.

So Rakinda As a leader in China’s mobile payment industry, we have accumulated a lot of resources with 17 years of experience, welcome to understand our company and products!

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