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Mobile PDA barcode scanner helps airport baggage information management

Internet + intelligent airport era, some of our airports have upgraded baggage barcode information management services, additional mobile PDA barcode scanner applications to facilitate the staff checks luggage and passengers understand baggage information.

Airport operators in the first line scan the information on the checked baggage through the mobile PDA equipment to show the scheduling view of the live flight operations in real time, the dispatcher monitors on-site flight operations in the background real-time to protect the flight operations.

Mobile PDA barcode scanner helps airport baggage information management

At the same time, with the help of information monitoring, the system can track each baggage to confirm the exit tracking accurately, and present tracking information to the visitors. Passengers only need to use mobile phones to scan the boarding pass on the 2D code, you can understand their checked baggage information immediately, such as baggage sorting, baggage loading, baggage and other trajectories.

It is reported that the application to further promote to Shenzhen, Chongqing and other major hubs of China Southern Airlines to monitor the passenger checked baggage operations, and build a baggage tracking chain gradually to achieve the checked baggage information real-time trajectory tracking, which insure each luggage can be found.

As a barcode scanner engine application providers, Shenzhen Rakinda supplies mobile PDA data acquisition terminals and application programs to promote enterprise Internet + transformation professionally to achieve information management operations.

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