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Barcode Scanner Price Checker System for Metro

The barcode scanner price checker consists of three main intelligent systems, which use hand-held access procedure, application client access program and wireless barcode scanner ticket checking service application server, to realize the concurrent check function. Accurate, fast, real-time ticket information collection, to achieve the ticket with the management center of the information interaction, timely grasp of the ticket situation.


1 device management
Function Description: Set the information of the ticket machine in the system.
Main information items: ticket machine IP address, ticket machine name, ticket machine use status.
2 real-time monitoring
Function Description: Displays real-time ticket status information and real-time status of ticket machine.
Main information items: ticket time, ticket machine name, card number, ticket type, ticket situation, traffic and so on.
3 ticket records
Function Description: Inquiry and export of ticket records.
Main information items: ticket time, ticket machine name, card number, ticket type, ticket situation, traffic and so on.

1. Compatible with IC / ID cards, and barcode media tickets
2. Can be equipped with identification of bar code smart ticket machine
3. The use of multi-threaded technology design, expansion of the ticket channel is very convenient
4. A variety of work patterns, to adapt to different traffic areas


Will randomly generated irregular anti-counterfeiting number, in the form of bar code in the ticket at the same time printed on the ticket, check with wireless ticket scanner function and wireless communication function of the data acquisition equipment scan code security number, and sent to the ticket center for testing , At the same time the test results (valid bills, re-use, invalid bills, etc.) in time to return to the tellers to prevent fake tickets, ticket and re-use of the bill and so on.

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