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2D Barcode Scanner – Mobile Payment Era Business Cashier Essential

Mobile payment era, Alipay, WeChat and other scan code payment has become the most common payment options. In recent years, China’s mobile payment market, the size of the transaction was explosive growth, large supermarket chains, restaurants, small to individual retail stores, booths, similar to rakinda RD4100 two-dimensional code scanner scan payment terminal is becoming a business cash register standard.

According to reports, RD4100 two-dimensional code scanner compact design, equipped with international advanced intelligent image algorithm, chip design technology, strong performance, can easily identify different colors, brightness, and reflection of the phone screen code, Alipay, and WeChat scan code payment applications with perfect performance.

2D Barcode Scanner - Mobile Payment Era Business Cashier Essential

Nowadays, mobile online payment and mobile Internet banking have become an important mobile Internet application. According to the relevant data show that in 2016 China’s mobile Internet users to pay the Internet usage rate of 67.5%, a growth rate of 31.2%, the user pay habits from the PC side to the mobile side of the trend of transfer significantly. Mobile phone payment market, the rapid growth, means that the RD4100 two-dimensional code scanner application scenes are more and more widely.

For consumers, the RD4100 scan payment terminal application not only does not need cash change but also eliminates the need for trouble with wallet and the risk of losing money. In addition, the user said, “the use of WeChat, Alipay and other payments, the system will record the specific cost and use, the equivalent of a bookkeeping, every month can clearly know where their money go.”

2D Barcode Scanner - Mobile Payment Era Business Cashier Essential

In the business, with the RD4100 two-dimensional code scanner, restaurant stores in the integration of Alipay, WeChat and other scanning payment function at the same time, also realized the intelligent operation and management, improve operational efficiency. At present, the product has been officially promoted to the market, welcome customers need to inquire!

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