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Wuhan Mobile Payment is Prevalent, “No Cash” Life Outperformed the Shenzhen?

Without cash without a card, just brush mobile phone will be able to get all aspects of basic necessities! Mobile Internet era, Wuhan mobile payment is prevalent, “no cash” life has been outperformed the Shenzhen Shanghai Guangzhou etc, and become the national benchmark.

Recently, Wuhan City and the ant gold service jointly announced that the city of Wuhan 8,000 bus will upgrade the multi-function credit card POS terminal, and gradually realize the scan Alipay to take the bus. In addition, Wuhan 28 institutions and enterprises to join the “no cash alliance”, said it would promote cashless payment. The future, Wuhan people will be able to Imagine “no cash” life. In addition to the mobile phones bus payment, in accordance with the Wuhan City and ants gold signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the both will Traffic travel, business services, people’s livelihood services, government services and other areas of cooperation, Wuhan hit a “cashless city” benchmark.

Wuhan Mobile Payment is Prevalent, "No Cash" Life Outperformed the Shenzhen?

According to the ant gold service data show that Wuhan has nearly 9 million users of Alipay, the use of the city ranked second in the city, second only to Hangzhou. Wuhan college students over a million, young people are mobile payment of the main user base. In addition, the number of spontaneous application of the number of money in Wuhan ranked the nation’s sixth, 98% of the taxi, more than 80% of the supermarket convenience stores, more than 75% of the food and beverage stores, beauty salons, KTV, leisure and other industries to support mobile payments.

It can be seen, whether it is the Wuhan municipal government or Wuhan people, the attitude of the DT era “quite open.” Wuhan can become a “no cash city” benchmark, because there are a good Internet and business base, but also with the local government to actively embrace the Internet, take the initiative to introduce enterprises and social forces involved.

Wuhan Mobile Payment is Prevalent, "No Cash" Life Outperformed the Shenzhen?

As a mobile phone to pay the brand program providers, Shenzhen rakinda for the needle for a series of mobile phones payment two-dimensional code scanner products and application programs to help traditional business innovation to meet the trend of the times, while promoting the “cashless city” If you are interested in such applications, please contact us!

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