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Beijing Subway Upgrade Two-dimensional Code Scanning Function is Expected to Achieve Scan Phone Take the Subway

Beijing airport line is expected to “Scan mobile phone” in and out of the station! There are media reports, Beijing Subway Airport line gates upgrade two-dimensional code scanning function, is expected before the end of the year to achieve mobile phone scanning payment out of the subway station.

At present, the Beijing subway gates mainly support brush one-way ticket or brush card out of the station. But with the development of mobile Internet, Alipay, WeChat payment, and other scan barcode payment gradually become more and more subway passenger payment habits, how to expand the subway ticket scanning code payment function to enhance passenger satisfaction to become the focus of subway operators concerned.


This scenario, the Shenzhen rakinda joint venture manufacturers, software vendors to launch subway wisdom gates machine sweep code payment application program, through the rakinda’s embedded two-dimensional barcode scanner to upgrade the traditional gates system, the integration of two-dimensional code scanning, data transmission Performance; and then upgrade the subway ticketing system, expand the mobile phone side of the electronic ticketing distribution platform, the ultimate realization of passenger mobile phone scanning payment through the gate.

Beijing Subway Upgrade Two-dimensional Code Scanning Function is Expected to Achieve Scan Phone Take the Subway

Passengers with the mobile phone on the “subway code”, brush twice gates to complete the entry and exit; then the system automatically calculates the ticket, the passengers can use the mobile phone payment deductions. The whole process is easy to operate, not only to meet the diverse needs of passengers to pay, but also make up for subway card recharge, loss, and other defects. In addition, the system supports “outbound first, deduction after” mode, more convenient passenger traffic.

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