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Concert Enables Smart Access Control System to Scan 2D Code Check Ticket

Paper Ticket admission has always been the standard of the concert, but now is “go to the world with the smartphone” era ah! Take the paper ticket admission, has been out of date! Recently, Pushu concert to enable the wisdom gate to check ticket system, for the audience to unlock the “scan code check ticket” entry concert with the cool new posture.

According to the introduction, the concert ticket gate built-in two-dimensional code scanning module, the integration of two-dimensional code scanning, data transmission, and other properties, can accurately identify the authenticity of the ticket, the use of real-time and enter the ticket data, so as to provide new admission Experience to the audience.When checking Ticket, the phone booking the audience, put the phone two-dimensional code e-ticket placed in the two-dimensional code scanning window to scan, verify the success can be admitted.

Concert Enables Smart Access Control System to Scan 2D Code Check Ticket

Compared with the traditional paper ticket admission, paperless electronic ticket scan code check ticket to admission is optimize the ticket inspection process, both safe and environmentally friendly, reduce the production of paper tickets at the same time, to avoid the audience buy the fake paper tickets. In addition, the wisdom gates check ticket system combined with the ticketing system, real-time record of the audience admission information for the concert party to provide efficient operation to provide data support.

As a barcode automatic identification technology, Shenzhen rakinda of the supply of gates embedded two-dimensional barcode scanner module products for the scene on behalf of the concert to build the Internet + electronic ticketing system, scanning code ticket channel to provide the most suitable end products and applications. If you are interested in such, may wish to inquire!

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