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Shared Bicycle in the UK

The news show that Shared Bicycle make the people in UK happy. When you scan the barcode on the bike, you are able to enjoy this way only you have one account of Shared Bicycle. It is charming. In order to make life easier and convenient, there are public bicycle, public car, public umbrella; and in order to manage this public item, there are some barcode in these products; it collects the data for example how many people use them, and who use them, how long time, where, when. That is the big function of bar code, especially the 2D barcode including more information.

Shared Bicycle in the UK

I would like to introduce barcode to you. Really barcode is coming in hot, and it is used in wide in the life, for example, barcode in the products, barcode in the tracking file, the barcode on phone, barcode in hospital, especially phone payment is booming now. Commonly there are two kinds of bar code, one is 1D barcode, it is like a strip, and you can see this kind of barcode in products; another is 2D barcode, it is square the public shared items using this code.

How to scan this barcode and then transfer the information? The answer is barcode scanner. Commonly, the scanner decodes the information of bar code, and show the information to the device. There are three parts for the scanner, one is LED to light, two is camera to take pictures for bar code, three is decode chip to decode the picture of bar code. And the interfaces of bar code is USB, RS232, TTL232, sometimes, the interface is wiegand used in Access Control System.

We, Rakinda is the 17-year supplier of barcode scanner. There are mini embedded barcode scanner, 1D barcode reader, 2D Qr PDF417 DM code scanner, phone barcode scanner, desktop barcode reader, fixed mount scanner. Any interest, please let me know.

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Email: wood@rakinda.com;
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Tel: 86-755-83233013-844
Web: https://www.rakinda.com
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