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Qr Code Scanner Access Control Wisdom Turnstile In Office Building

Recently, a business office building in Shenzhen City developed a smart two-dimensional code management system for the visitor. Combined with access control system and QR code scanner, to achieve a comprehensive digital management.

Qr Code Scanner Access Control Wisdom Turnstile In Office Building

According to the reports, the turnstile embedded barcode scanner module in office building.Integration of its data transmission performance and combined with intelligent visitor management system, to achieve visitor self-access turnstile machine through the mobile phone screen two-dimensional code.

After entering the office building, visitors do not need to manually register their own information.As long as they brush ID card to get a QR code coupons in the Kiosk, and then the desktop qr code scanner can read the printed barcodes from coupons to verify visitors identity.The whole process is very convenient.

Qr Code Scanner Access Control Wisdom Turnstile In Office Building

Products Recommended:
1.RD4500R Fixed Mount Qr Code Scanner – Can be embedded into turnstile directly.
RD4500R 2d barcode reader has an interface is USB or RS232.It read printed or screen barcodes can reach 10mil. At the same time, small streamlined design, in addition to the perfect embedded in the various types of self-service machines to use, it also can be directly placed in the external to use, very nice.

2.RD4100 Desktop 2D Barcode Scanner – Can is connected with retail POS to read printed or screen barcodes.
Product Specifications:
Interface: RS232/USB
Operating Temperature:-10℃-+50℃
Product Features:
(1)Snappy On-screen Barcode Capture
(2)Used for Bus, Subway Tickets Payment
(3) Outstanding Power Efficiency
(4)Durable Housing
(5) Fashion Design

Contact Information:
Project Manager: Benjamin Curry
Company name: Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., LTD.
Phone: +86-18814188406 (whatsapp)
E-Mail: benjamin@rakinda.com
Skype: benjamin.curry4
Tel: 86-0755-83233013-838
Official website:www.rakinda.com
Online sotre:https://www.aliexpress.com/store/2839005



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