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Tianmao Intelligent Nobody Car-Shop

Cars become daily request in life, and it is the hot topic about selling and buying cars. Mr. Jack Ma starts to focus his attention on this field.The Car-Shop makes 4S shop know the critical situation. While Jack Ma has not given up the development chance, and the Kiosks of selling car say hi to the world.


As the people know, there are so many things to deal when you plan to buy one car. Now please look at Jack Ma how to put cars and the internet together and bring them into the life. Just as Jack Ma said, he will make it becomes easy like buying a bottle drink to buy the car.

If you buy goods from Kiosk, you will know that only you put the money into the machine, the drink will be present to your hand.And this service lasts for 24 hours every day. As for the kiosk of car-buying, it only takes 20 minutes, the Sesame credit is beyond 750. And the advanced payment is only 10%. Only you make the order on Tianmao, the happy travel will start.

After one year, there are three choices for the customers: Going on renting the car, make payment for the final payment and changing other cars. It meets the requirement of most customers. Really the worlds leave the chance for the people to have ideas. Jack Ma catches the chance to develop the new markets.


As for the gold supplier of Barcode reader, we also find the new market. We are able to supply the barcode reader for the kiosk to support the customers make payment through Alipay.

Rakinda LV4500 series QR code readers are able to scan the phone barcode fast, even under the weak light and even the phone with the protectors. And it makes the payment becomes fast and fast. Only you open your Alipay or Wechat payment-barcode, put the barcode before the LV4500 QR code readers, the payment will be finished successfully.

Contact information:
Email: wood@rakinda.com;
Skype: Wood Rakinda
whatsapp: 86-17839315365
Tel: 86-755-83233013-844
Web: https://www.rakinda.com
Online sotre: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/205308




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