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Barcode Scanner Access Control System

It is the hot topic that it is okay to own one phone to work around the China. Because you are able to buy any things and take any transaction-tools. Really the phone makes the life becomes more and more convenient, while there is still the question that you need the card for the access control system. Must we take cards for the door? The answer is no.

With the fast development of barcode, it walks into every industry; since the question of recognition is solved, 2D QR code access control systems become more and more popular with the growth of smart phone. Because of the terminal of smart phone, tablet and computer, bar code cooperate with the account of wechat, smart App. The management system of 2D Qr Code Access Control System meets the request of workers, users; and it becomes more and more important, become one part of daily life.

Barcode Scanner Access Control System

There are two kinds of Bar codes for access control system; one is that users scan the fixed barcode; another is that users have one barcode, and then scan the bar code by the fixed barcode reader.
The principle of scanning the fixed bar code for access control system is that there is a fixed barcode in the door, the users load the App or the account of wechat public and after the users scan the barcode, the decoded data is transferred through the internet through APP or the public account of wechat;

As for the users have one bar code, and then scan the bar code by the fixed bar code reader; there is a bar code reader before the access; firstly the users own one APP or the account of Public, and there will be a special bar code; and then put the bar code before the QR code reader, after the readers decode the bar code, and then the door is opened.

Barcode Scanner Access Control System

As the 17-year gold supplier of bar code scanner, we rakinda research and develop the LV4500 series bar code reader and the 2D access control system and the application help the manufacturer to open the new and potential market.

And LV4500 series barcode scanners are able to decode the phone bar code and printed bar code, and it is widely used in turnstile on metro, park, car-parking, the booking- food Kiosk in restaurant, and coffee machine, the access control system.
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