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Raspberry Pi Barcode Scanner for ERP System

Bar code technology was born in the twenties of the last century, as the product of the unique logo, is widely applied to various industries, involving commodity circulation, warehousing, logistics, freight and other fields, and ERP as a highly integrated information system, From the information communication bridge, fully integrated enterprise resources, fundamentally solve the information island phenomenon, improve the business process, so that enterprises in the market competition to gain advantage.
Raspberry pi barcode scanner plays an important role in networking applications.

Raspberry Pi Barcode Scanner for ERP System

The bar code technology in the manufacturing and ERP applications is lagging behind, a large number of production data and logistics data need to manually enter, not only inefficient and easy to go wrong, a direct result of ERP system is difficult on-line success, the emergence of bar code technology Difficult to solve, become so far the most economical and practical an automatic identification and data acquisition technology, with simple operation, information collection speed, the collection of large amount of information, the advantages of high reliability.
On the data collection, more android barcode scanner, rakinda rd4100, for the bar code network to lay a more solid foundation

RD4100 Raspberry Pi Barcode Scanner for ERP System

Rakinda technology based on years of bar code logistics ERP system research and development experience, the success of the bar code technology and ERP systems combined to develop a set of integrated production execution system (MES) bar code ERP software, the system and production line bar code acquisition system fully integrated, Designed with other related information system integration interface, such as ERP, MRP, CRM, and SAP, ORACLE, UF and other mainstream ERP system has a successful integration experience.

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