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QR Code Scanner Application in Smart Traffic and Bus Payment

QR code scanner is now in explosive growth in demands, especially for bus payment solution providers. Now in China, many bus running companies such as e-Bus, is trying to add QR code payment in their solution, which will be another main payment solution besides NFC.

QR Code Scanner Application in Smart Traffic and Bus Payment

Currently, you can see the first new batch of bus payment machine with barcode scanner in Hangzhou city. And you will soon see more similar devices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities. It’s a developing trend. We believe that in near future, this solution will be applied by foreign countries.

QR Code Scanner Application in Smart Traffic and Bus Payment

In China, most system integrators may cooperate with Alipay, wechat as the payment app. But some companies also develop their own app to generate QR code. They use Rakinda 4500 series barcode scanner module as the core component of their solution because it has excellent reading performance and fast decoding speed for both printed and phone screen QR code. Besides, the IR sensor in the scanner makes it able to read accurately even in total darkness.

Rakinda 4500 series includes RD4500I, RD4500R, RD4600, all of which has same inside core, but different casing. You can choose based on project needs. If you have any question about the scanner, or if you want to know more about the application solution for bus, please contact Rakinda service center: +8615019421645 (whatsapp), or skype: janeliao0327, email: jane@rakinda.com.



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